Is Omnichannel for Everyone?

We’re hearing all over the place that omnichannel is the new way go to. But should it be the way to go for everyone?

In theory, there is nothing negative about omnichannel that should prevent a business from embracing it. (Unless, of course, it wastes marketing spend in that it produces no ROI—which absolutely should be a consideration.) But whether or not it’s right for your business, is another question.

If you own a small barn supply store in a rural area, where many of your customers may not even have internet—or the internet is unreliable—then no, it’s not for you. Even more so if those who do have internet use it for nothing more than Facebook and email. However among those whose clientele or potential clientele are in an urban setting, very much active in the online space, and look for brands to reflect their strong value systems—then to forego omnichannel is to miss out on an opportunity. I’m specifically referring to integrated channels, not just multi-channels. The former is so much more essential to keeping your brand message, and those values customers seek, coherent. It’s not just essential, it’s now expected.