Relationship Marketing – a MUST for AEC employees

While it’s arguable that our current digital age has changed the way marketing is conducted in both B2B and B2C businesses, relationships cannot be ignored. This is especially so in B2B industries that are built on long-term relationships. In this industry, we don’t aim to keep business partners and clients for one transaction, one season, or one year–these are often lifelong relationships. In many instances, the client circle is much smaller, and transactions with specific clients make up so much more of the revenue, than within B2C businesses. For example, a lipstick company may have 1,000,000 potential clients, many of whom will only supply $100 in revenue throughout a lifelong relationship.

The landscape is totally different in the AEC industry. While digitial marketing can be used to enhance these relationships, that personal “spin” cannot be overlooked. We may develop new ways to invite industry peers to networking events—new platforms or creative—however, the time spent at the event with the peer remains crucial.