Reviving Brand Equity

Recently, I was in a group setting discussing the brand equity that Sears currently retains, and whether this would be worth salvaging. One professional recounted the days her grandmother would bring her to Sears. We addressed the generational gap in how the brand is viewed. However, one subject we didn’t discuss is that there is power in nostalgia. For customers on the cusp of middle-age, such as myself, they may remember Sears fondly if positive memories exist involving Saturday outings with Mom and Dad, for example. These outings are ingrained in my mind, much like the scent of flower I only ever recall from a particular vacation spot. We cannot discount how strong that nostalgia can be. If Sears can somehow be restored to its former status of a powerhouse practical goods supplier, that—coupled with the nostalgia in customers like myself—might very well be enough to hoist it back up as a viable competitor against newer brands.